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Convert Your Art!

Pine River Valley Laser Printing can turn your art into engraved pieces to keep forever!

If you can draw it, we can engrave it!

Laser printing is a versatile technology commonly used for printing text and images on a variety of surfaces. The most common surfaces suitable for laser printing include:

  1. Paper: Laser printers are primarily designed for printing on various types of paper, including regular office paper, glossy paper, cardstock, and specialty paper.

  2. Transparencies: Laser printers can be used to print on transparency sheets, which are often used for overhead projections or presentations.

  3. Labels: Many laser printers support label printing, allowing you to print directly onto adhesive labels. This is useful for creating address labels, product labels, and more.

  4. Envelopes: Laser printers can handle printing on envelopes, making them suitable for tasks like printing address labels or custom designs on envelopes.

  5. Fabric: Some laser printers are equipped to handle fabric printing. Specialized heat transfer paper can be used to print designs that can be transferred onto fabric using heat.

  6. Photo Paper: Laser printers can print on photo paper, providing a cost-effective option for producing high-quality photo prints at home or in an office environment.

  7. Cardstock: Laser printers are often capable of printing on heavy cardstock, making them suitable for creating business cards, greeting cards, and other types of card materials.

  8. Plastic: Certain laser printers can print on plastic sheets or cards, allowing for the creation of ID cards, membership cards, and other plastic-based materials.

What do you want to create today?

Pine River Valley Laser Printing

Tel: 574-322-2960

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