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Laser Engraved Photos: The Perfect Gift

Make the perfect gift for ANY OCCASION! Engraved photos starting at $30.00!

Our Laser Engraver creates images by cutting lines at different depths and making multiple passes. To make a good photo laser engraving, we incorporate these steps:

Prepare the image:

Realistic photos are usually in color formats like JPG or PNG, but laser engravers require bitmap images (BMP). We convert the image to get an idea of how it will look once engraved. Some editing of the image before engraving, such as lightening large dark areas, increasing the intensity, and darkening dark hair strands. Also sharpening the image to make details like eyes, eyebrows, and lips stand out more.

Choosing the right settings

We make sure to use the proper resolution to produce the best possible image from the source material.

Send the image to the laser

We use a graphics program to send the image to the laser. Our laser software has a photo-optimization feature that will help process and clarify the image.

What do you want to create today?

Pine River Valley Laser Printing

Tel: 574-322-2960

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